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Hello everybody,

We have to create a storyboard for our next short movie 24hours/24frames. Actually I already had an idea for my movie  even before to start the course of MSM because I have another blog for ethical life and treatment to animals. So I wanted to make a short video to show people how an animal friendly vegetarian can live. The project 24 hours/24 frames gave me this opportinity but also the possibility to learn how to make this video more interactive and impactive.

My purposes: to show how I pass my weekend, to show how easy and could be to have a day without animal cruelty; to put into practice my filming and editing skills and finally to intertaning my two blogs.

This is only the beginning of my film. I’m using different type of filming , different angles and transitions.

#24hours/24frames #MSM #cawebtumblr_nyyepqXyNT1uitce7o1_1280 tumblr_nyyepqXyNT1uitce7o2_1280 tumblr_nyyepqXyNT1uitce7o3_1280

Martina • 4 décembre 2015

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